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November 17, 2012

Solstice, Equinox and Cross-Quarter Dates

See http://www.russellcottrell.com/celticDate/ for the original information. It's an extremely useful reference tool.

Cross Quarter Dates
A cross quarter date falls exactly between the Solstice and the Equinox. They are calculated by counting the number of days and hours between a Solstice and Equinox, then dividing that number in half.

Vernal equinox:  March 20, 05:14
Summer solstice:  June 20, 23:09
Autumnal equinox:  September 22, 14:49
Winter solstice:  December 21, 11:11

Cross Quarter Dates
February 4, 17:22
May 5, 14:11
August 6, 18:59
November 6, 13:00

Moon Phases
New:  November 13, 22:08
First quarter:  November 20, 14:31
Full:  November 28, 14:46
Third quarter:  December 6, 15:31
New:  December 13, 08:42

April 5, 2010

Reading List

This is a list of the many books I recommend in the human search for knowledge, inspiration and insight. If you'd like to add something to my list, please send a note with a short explanation or review of why you believe it should be included. I will also include your review if it is determined your choice is appropriate to this venue.

Reading List
  1. Find Your Fortune in Your Hand Hiteshew, Frank Divination Out-of-Print-1952
  2. How to Read Hands Justice, L.A. Divination 70989068773
  3. Runes in 10 Minutes Kaser, R.T. Divination 0-380-77605-7
  4. Astrology for Dummies Orion, Rae Divination 0-7645-5217-1
  5. The Runes Svensson, Horik Divination 1-56619-964-6
  6. Northern Mysteries and Magic Aswynn, Freya Divination/Feminist 1-56718-047-7
  7. Lady of the Northern Light Gitlin-Emmer, Susan Divination/Feminist 0-89594-629-7
  8. The Golden Bough Frazer, Sir James History
  9. Witchcraft in the Middle Ages Russell, Jeffrey Burton History 0-8065-0504-4
  10. Dictionary of World Myth Willis, Roy Reference 0-7607-3877-7
  11. Introduction to the Medieval Mystics of Europe Szarmach, Paul Religion 0-87395-835-7
  12. Roles of the Northern Goddess Davidson, Hilda Ellis Religion-North Europe 0-415-13611-3
  13. Goddess of the North Welch, Lynda C. Religion-North Europe 1-57863-170-x
  14. Dreamtime and Inner Space Kalweit, Holger Shamanism 0-87773-406-2
  15. Singing the Soul Back Home Matthews, Caitlin Shamanism 1-85230-616-5
  16. Finnish Magic Nelson, Robert Shamanism 1-56718-489-8
  17. Thorson's Principles of Shamanism Rutherford, Leo Shamanism 0-7225-3321-7
  18. Shamanism for Everyone Scott, Gini Graham Shamanism 0-914918-86-9
  19. Shaman in a 9 to 5 World Telesco, Patricia Shamanism 1-89594-982-2
  20. Northern Magic Thorsson, Edred Shamanism 1-56718-709-9
  21. Golden Precepts of Esoterism de Purucker, G. Spirituality 0-911500-86-3
  22. Flying Without a Broom Conway, D.J. Wicca 1-56718-164-3
  23. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Cunningham, Scott Wicca 0-87542-122-9
  24. Magical Herbalism Cunningham, Scott Wicca 0-87542-120-2
  25. A Witch Alone Green, Marian Wicca 1-85538-112-5
  26. Twelve Wild Swans, The Starhawk Wicca 0-06-251684-1
  27. Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, The Budapest, Zsuzanna Wicca/Feminist 0-914728-67-9